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The Full-Face Approach

Have you considered how changing the smile may alter the face and what other treatment, such as rhinoplasty, patients might need to truly get the results they’re after? Patients can go through multiple sets of braces, get veneers, you name it, all with negative outcomes. Why? The full-face outcome was ignored. The solution may not only be straight teeth. Skeletal components should be addressed. Learn how to incorporate modern esthetic concepts into treatment plans that yield maximum esthetic outcomes for your patients.

David Darver

“If you don't see it, how can you treat it?”

Dr. David Sarver’s goal is to educate dentists and orthodontists to see the bigger picture so you can yield maximally esthetic outcomes, taking into consideration concepts like esthetic balance and smile projection. Learn to see the face and dentition in a different way so you can properly think your way through smile design and treatment options

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Online Education

Dr. David Sarver’s lectures are structured around real examples, intended to give you solid didactic content, explained through patient cases that will help you understand how to approach treatment by treating the full face, not just the patient’s teeth.

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Case Studies

In addition to case-based lectures, see how Dr. Sarver evaluates patients from macro to micro, focusing first on the big picture and then details to plan for the best possible outcome.

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Checklists and Protocols

Resources include treatment checklists, protocols, and photography guidelines to help properly document your cases.

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See the Bigger Picture

Get the guidance and direction needed to evaluate and incorporate better esthetic treatment for your patients through case-based courses, case studies, treatment planning tools, and access to checklists and procedural protocols.


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