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Inadequate Incisor Display

Etiology of Inadequate Incisor Display

☐ Vertical maxillary deficiency
☐ CCW growth pattern
☐ Short crown height due to attrition
☐ Diminished smile curtain
  • High frenum attachment
  • Long upper lip (generally, not treatable in an Orthodontic office)
  • Latrogenically induced lip demobilization
☐ Flared maxillary incisors
☐ Diminished anteriors/dentoalveolar height
☐ Aging Characteristic

Improvement of Inadequate Incisor Display

☐ Posterior extrusion/downgraft
☐ Surgery/camouflage
☐ Veneers
  • Superior frenum repositioning
  • Lip shortening procedure
  • Hyaluronidase reversal
☐ Upright incisors
☐ Extrude anterior teeth
Inadequate Incisor Display

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