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Dr. Sarver Protocol

Dr. Sarver ProtocolDr. Sarver Protocol
Lower Facial Height: %
  • Mx/MSP: mm Right or Left
  • Mx/Md: mm Right or Left
  • Md/chin: mm Right or Left
  • chin/MSP: mm Right or Left
Upper Incisor Display at Rest: mm
Upper Lip Length: mm
Upper Lip Length on Smile: mm
Smile Mobility: %
Incisor Display on Smile: mm
Gingival Display/Smile: mm
Incisor Width: mm
Incisor Height: mm
Incisor Height/Width Ratio: %
Transverse Cant: mm (Right or Left)
Smile Arc: (Consonant, Flat, Reverse, or Excessive)
Buccal Corridor: (Broad, Ideal or Narrow)
Smile Projection: (Retracted, Ideal or Over Projected)
Incisor Angulation: (Proclined, Ideal or Retroclined)
Tooth Size Discrepancy: (Mx excess, Md excess or Small Laterals)
Gingival Depth:
  • UR3: mm
  • UR2: mm
  • UR1: mm
  • UL1: mm
  • UL2: mm
  • UL3: mm

  • Mx
  • Md

Overbite: (Deep, Ideal or Open)
Overjet: mm
Open Bite: mm
Right molar
Right cuspid
Left molar
Left cuspid
Range of motion mm

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